Home Path Lending

Posted On April 16, 2014


When looking for a home/ property, you need to understand that getting a mortgage loan for a foreclosed home property can be extremely difficult. It is for this reason that several home property buyers these days would choose Home Path Lending as a way to bypass any roadblocks when it comes to acquiring a home. Read on to find out everything that you should know about Home Path Lending. Home Path Lending: How It Works Home Path loans and renovation...

Homepath home buying process

Posted On April 14, 2014

buyer of the building

Buying a home can be a consuming process, whether you’re doing it for the first time or for the tenth time. To buy a Fannie Mae home, you have to go through the process below: 1. Preparation What kind of house can I afford? When choosing a home, remember that you’ll have to pay for the following-

*closing costs *down payment *upfront costs

Be ready to pay for these expenses because sooner or later you have to deal with it. Do I want to live here? Always...

Homepath VA loans

Posted On April 14, 2014


Fannie Mae homes are gaining its popularity among home buyers in the country. These properties were originally financed by Fannie Mae which were later on returned by the buyers or were foreclosed. Do you want to by a Fannie Mae home using your VA loan? Check out important details below on Fannie Homes and VA loan eligibility. Eligible Fannie Mae homes can be bought using VA, FHA and Homepath loans. Is it easy to buy a homepath with a VA a loan? Normally, if...

Guidelines, Go and Stop Signals

Posted On April 8, 2014


A checklist to help you get by… Because purchasing a home from HomePath involves more than just the decision to acquire from a pool of foreclosed homes, it is essential to provide prospective borrowers with guidelines on how to go about the process. (1)  Employ help. You may think that you know everything there is to know about mortgages and home loans and the purchase of homes. However, you might find that it is worth looking for a housing counselor. There are...

The Mortgage Financing Arm of Fannie Mae

Posted On April 8, 2014

Learning the roots… Founded in the year 1938, the Federal National Mortgage Association had been established to form part of the New Deal (focused on relief, recovery and reform) during the Great Depression. This association is what we commonly know as Fannie Mae. Being part of the New Deal, the association was set on the following:

*Relief for the unemployed population as well as the poor

* Recovery of the nation’s economy to its...

Perks to Learn in HomePath VA Loan

Posted On April 2, 2014


Eligibility for application… The qualifications for you to be able to refinance under HomePath VA Loans are quite similar to when you are applying for the regular VA Loan. There are three categories of individuals who can apply. (1)  As a veteran, you are qualified if you have served on active duty for a period of more than 90 consecutive days during a time of war OR more than 181 days of service during peace time. (2)  If you are a member of...

VA Loan: The Privilege of Dauntless Service

Posted On April 2, 2014

Raising the Flag

What we can give back to our military heroes… Wars and disputes are occurrences people cannot do away with. Even in a micro level, clashes in the family are rampant. On a macro scale though, the gravity of disputes entails greater sacrifices and more daunting responsibilities. This is what our military and war heroes have stood up for, not only during the previous world wars but even today, in the continuance of preserving peace. Especially during the world war, wherein these...

HomePath Reverse Mortgages: Processes, Pros and Cons

Posted On April 1, 2014


What’s in it for me? The surge in the availment of reverse mortgages in the past few years is enough to vouch for the mortgage’s benefits. Since this type of mortgage is targeted towards the elderly, it is best to look into the major concerns of our senior citizens. This is usually the age of retirement. If you are already within this age bracket, you can relate to some of the problems senior citizens are facing. First are the ever rising prices...

Mortgages Reversed

Posted On April 1, 2014


The Contrast between Traditional and Reversed Mortgages You’ve probably heard of gear reversal (for car enthusiasts) or credit reversal - remember that time when your credit card had been swiped twice because the first time seemed not to work but then it actually did and now you had to request the bank for a reversal of the amount double-swiped back to your account? You are probably even familiar with role reversals, often in the society, wherein the man now mans the...

HARP Loans: The Tale Behind

Posted On April 1, 2014


Where it all began… There was once a time when home acquisition became a ridiculous indulgence. People were so engrossed with purchasing homes, and the real estate business was only too happy to feed on it. But it wasn’t just from one end’s initiative; the more willing these real estate providers became in extending houses, the more drawn people had also become. Soon the standards for qualifying for a home loan or mortgage were lowered just to accommodate even those who didn’t...